Neue Fund is a science-driven, early-stage venture capital firm that invests in game-changing founders and startups in healthcare, life sciences, biotechnology and other deep technology applications focused on improving the human condition. We deploy the scientific method and evidence-based approaches to analyze and source the most promising innovations that can be scaled to meet the most pressing needs of our society today.

Neue Fund Venture Capital Firm. Maximilian Winter comes from a distinguished lineage of entrepreneurs that have strong roots in the automotive manufacturing industry spanning more than four generations. Maximilian is not only an idealist, but a realist that sees unlimited potential in the human condition to inspire positive change and create a better tomorrow. He is passionate about using technology to positively impact society and the planet, as well as discovering sustainable and profitable mechanisms to confront the world’s most pressing problems at the intersection of science, technology, and innovation.

Who is Neue Fund Venture Capital?

We are a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm with offices in Miami Beach, Palm Springs, California and Marburg, Germany.

How does Neue Fund identify potential investments?

Startups find us, or we find them. We attend most closely to opportunities that are referred to us through our industry networks, which is comprised of a diverse group of technology angels, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, economic development partners and service providers.