Neue Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in game-changing scientific and technical founders in healthcare, life sciences, and deep tech focused on improving the human condition.

We deploy the scientific method and evidence-based approaches to source promising and scalable innovations to meet the most pressing needs of our society today.

Aether Bio

ParTu is an online B2B auto parts marketplace for auto parts manufacturers, importers, and distributors.


ParTu is an online B2B auto parts marketplace for auto parts manufacturers, importers, and distributors.

Upward Farms

Provider of aquaponic farming technology for microgreens

Qu Biologics

Site specific immunotherapy platform for cancer and immune-related diseases


Computational biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development platform for oncology.

Babylon Microfarms

Developer of a sustainable on-demand indoor farming technologies


AI-driven plant-based biopesticide platform for agriculture

Volumetric Biotechnologies

3D bioprinting platform for cancer research and human organ replacements

GEn1E Lifesciences

Therapeutic platform for inflammatory and age-related diseases


AI-driven platform for accelerating life science experimentation and R&D


Digital microscopy device for biological research

Abalone Bio

Computational antibody drug discovery platform for inflammatory diseases and rare cancers


Computational microbiome analysis platform for immunologic disorders


Computational engineered bacterial therapy platform for microbiome diseases

Juvena Therapeutics

AI-driven biopharmaceutical platform for protein-based therapeutics

Viscient Biosciences

3D human tissue and multi-omics technology platform for drug development

Insilico Medicine

AI platform for oncological and age-related disease drug development

VisiCELL Medical

ParTu is an online B2B auto parts marketplace for auto parts manufacturers, importers, and distributors.


Full service digital dermatopathology laboratory platform

Trials AI

AI-driven platform for clinical trial protocol optimization


AI-driven virtual trial software for clinical oncology trial optimization

Unlimited Tomorrow

Developer of artificial limb and prosthetic technology


Medical device for skin cancer detection

Rad AI

AI-driven platform for radiology workflow automation

Sana Health

Medical device platform for chronic pain management


FDA-approved 3D augmented reality platform for cardiac surgery

Prime Movers Lab

Deep Tech fund investing in energy, transportation, infrastructure, and manufacturing

Atlas Space Operations

Cloud-based command and control system for satellite data transmission


Functional materials company for advanced additive manufacturing


Developer of non-line-of-sight (NLoS) wireless communications solutions

Halo Industries

Laser-based hardware system for advanced materials fabrication


In-space transportation services for satellites between orbits


Structural materials company for corrosion-resistant nano-coating applications

Maximilian Winter

Maximilian is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and founder of Neue Fund, which is invested in 35+ early-stage companies and multiple venture funds.

Krish Ramadurai

Krish is a multi-published scientific author and former researcher at the foremost academic research institutes and think tanks at Harvard and MIT.

Cofield Mundi

Chief of Staff
Cofield is a business leader with 30+ years of experience. Her background is in founder, Chief of Staff, and operational roles.

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